NLEN Drents Archief


Hundreds of letters have been sent and received by the Society of Benevolence over the years. Together with participants in VeleHanden, the Drents Archives digitized the correspondence received between 1818 and 1847. The letters can be searched by name of the senders and the persons mentioned in the letters.

The incoming mail contains letters from the highest positions, from dignitaries who support the colonization, as well as from the lowest positions, poor people who wanted a place in the colonies. Furthermore, there is letters from staff members who worked in the colonies, from the Subcommittees in the big cities or from people who wanted to trade with the Committee. Lists of names were also sent out, from which a lot of information about the inhabitants of the colonies can be obtained.

Besides the letters written to the Society, also the outgoing letters are kept by the Drents Archives. Because of their material state, they cannot be digitized but they can be consulted physically in the study hall of the Drents Archives.