On allekolonisten.nl you can find all digitized archives of the Society of Benevolence and the 'Rijkswerkinstellingen' (National Employment Agencies). The Drents Archives also keeps archives of the colonies that are not online yet. It is our purpose to add as many archives as possible to the website. Do you want to know more about a person? Or were you unable to find the information you were looking for? Pay a visit to the Drents Archives. In our Digilounge and Study hall we would like to help you with your investigation. On the website of Drents Archives you will find our opening hours.


On allekolonisten.nl you can do research on persons that were involved with the Society of Benevolence or the 'Rijkswerkinstellingen' (National Employment Agencies) in Veenhuizen and Ommerschans. Are you looking for more information about an ancestor in Drenthe in general? Then have a look at www.alledrenten.nl. Besides all sources of the Society of Benevolence this website also contains civil status records from 1811 onwards and population registers of civilians of Drenthe.


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